PROLINK brand, as the professional field leader for 34 years in the wire rod industry, unremittingly pursues product design and continuously develops new, unique, individualized and exciting products and experience. All actions of PROLINK are for your satisfaction.
Factory Introduction
Dongguan Tonetron Electronic Ltd. was established in Jilong City, Taiwan in 1984 and the manufacturing base thereof was established in Dongguan City, China in 2002. As a wholly-owned foreign (Taiwan) enterprise with the registered capital of 21,500,000 Hong Kong dollars, Dongguan Tonetron Electronic Ltd. is a professional wire rod factory with OEM/ODM design and research & development capability.

The Company has the experience for more than 30 years in producing such consumer wire rods as HDMI, USB, DisplayPort and MFi Lightning, and is one of the few manufacturers certified by US Apple Corporation for MFi wire rod. At present, Tonetron Electronic passes UKAS SGS ISO9001:2015 certification and rapidly develops by virtue of strong design capability and quality control capability, thus wining the good reputation in the field of the consumer wire rod industry.

Dongguan Tonetron Electronic Ltd. has a manufacturing factory with the area over 10,000m2, about 300 professional production employees and automatic/semi-automatic production equipment for meeting the production demands of various products.

At present, Dongguan Tonetron Electronic Ltd. has two brands ---- PROLINK® and ACE®, and the products thereof are sold in various electronic product chain stores, airport digital product stores, high-speed rail-station digital product stores and other high-end physical stores, and the quality and appearance design thereof are widely accepted by the consumers. 

The products listed in all official websites belong to rendering model drawings, and the actually manufactured products shall prevail. Tonetron will maximally recover the final product appearance and reserve the design rights of all products. All data indicated in the official website are obtained through Tonetron official laboratory test, and the actual parameters may be different from these data due to different environments, devices, operations, etc. All pictures in the official website shall belong to Dongguan Tonetron Electronic Ltd., and shall not be optionally forwarded or used without the corresponding consent.
* PROLINK®️ and ACE®️ are the trademarks registered by Dongguan Tonetron Electronic Ltd., in China region and other countries, and other registered trademarks shall belong to the corresponding trademark holder.
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