Unique Duel Triple Coils Inductive Design
| limitless | Effortless

Our special triple coils design wireless charging pad maximized the performance of the power transmitters, makes no limitation of your charging experience for your mobile devices.        

LED display
Clear Display of Charging Status 

FC-100 can be used for displaying LED indicator lights under different states through the charging protocol of the wireless charging device, so the user can easily identify the charging state by a glance.

Select charge state

2+1 Multi Function Charger
Efficient combination of wired PD+ wireless fast charging

When a PD protocol based adapter with the power above 49W is adopted as the power supply of FC-100 wireless charger, FC-100 can maximally provide the electric power of 10W to * two Android mobile phones (provide electric power of 7.5W to two *iPhones) and shunt the remaining current to OUT port of USB C to charge the device connected to OUT port.
* 10W electric power can be provided only when the two Android mobile phones support QC wireless rapid charging protocol. 
* Wireless charging is currently only available for iPhone8 and iPhoneX.
* Above charging power is the theoretical data obtained in Tonetron Laboratory.
Environmentally-friendly silica gel surface layer
Various colors for individualization
FC-100 is provided with various colors of silica gel surface layers to realize beautiful colors and durability.
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